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Launching a D&I Recruiting Strategy in 2024 | Life Sciences Recruiter

Updated: Apr 2

Life Sciences Recruiter

In today’s rapidly evolving life sciences sector, fostering diversity and inclusion (D&I) isn’t just a moral obligation—it's a strategic imperative essential for driving business success. Companies that prioritize D&I not only cultivate innovation but also attract top talent while fostering a sense of belonging that enhances overall performance. However, despite the recognition of D&I's significance, many organizations struggle to implement effective strategies. Let’s delve into key practices to cultivate a truly inclusive recruitment approach in 2024.

  1. Start with Self-Examination: Uncovering Unconscious Bias Before reaching outward, it’s imperative to introspect. Unconscious biases exist within all of us and can subtly influence hiring decisions. Key steps include:

  • Bias Training: Conduct workshops to raise awareness and mitigate bias among all stakeholders involved in the hiring process, including recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers.

  • Blind Resume Review: Implement blind resume screening by initially removing names, gender markers, and other identifying information to focus solely on skills and qualifications.

  1. Widen Your Reach: Sourcing Diverse Talent Traditional recruitment channels often tap into the same limited talent pools. To diversify your candidate pool, consider the following strategies:

  • Partner with Diversity-Focused Organizations: Forge partnerships with professional groups, universities, and job boards that cater to underrepresented communities.

  • Inclusive Job Postings: Craft job descriptions using gender-neutral language, avoid industry-specific jargon, and emphasize your company’s commitment to D&I.

  • Employee Referral Programs with Incentives: Encourage and incentivize employees to refer diverse candidates, offering bonuses or other rewards to enhance participation.

  1. The Gig Economy: Embracing Freelance Talent Embrace the gig economy as an opportunity to access a diverse pool of freelance talent. Platforms dedicated to connecting skilled freelancers from underrepresented backgrounds with employers can be invaluable resources for D&I recruitment efforts.

  2. Embrace the Power of Technology & Outsourcing Leverage technology and external partners such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers to enhance your D&I efforts:

  • AI-Powered Sourcing: Utilize AI tools designed to minimize bias in candidate searches and broaden the scope of your talent search beyond traditional factors.

  • RPO for D&I Success: Partner with RPO providers with expertise in diversity sourcing to streamline hiring tasks while bringing in fresh perspectives.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Employ metrics to track the diversity of your candidate pool, monitor interview stages, and assess hiring outcomes, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and measure progress.

  1. Inclusive Interviews: Ensuring Every Candidate Feels Valued Transform the interview process into a welcoming and equitable experience for all candidates:

  • Structured Interviews: Standardize questions for all candidates to focus on skills and experiences, minimizing subjective biases.

  • Diverse Interview Panels: Ensure diversity among interviewers in terms of race, gender, background, and perspectives to create an inclusive atmosphere.

  • Accommodation & Accessibility: Provide accommodations for disabilities and ensure both physical and virtual interview settings are accessible.

  1. Beyond Hiring: Cultivate a Culture of Belonging Recruitment is just the beginning; retention requires an ongoing commitment to inclusion:

  • Mentorship & Sponsorship: Support career development and advancement opportunities for employees from underrepresented groups through mentorship and sponsorship programs.

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Establish ERGs to foster community, networking, and advocacy among employees with shared identities or interests.

  • Open Feedback Channels: Regularly solicit feedback from employees to understand their experiences and address concerns, utilizing surveys and anonymous suggestion channels to encourage honest participation.

The Bommer Group Advantage

At The Bommer Group, as a Life Sciences Recruiter, we recognize the evolving recruitment landscape is dedicated to helping you build a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our executive search services prioritize sourcing top talent from diverse backgrounds to strengthen your team. We offer tailored solutions, including diversity sourcing strategies, bias reduction training, and data-driven D&I metrics tracking.


Building a diverse workforce isn’t about meeting quotas; it’s about creating an environment where everyone can thrive. By actively addressing bias, broadening your talent search, optimizing recruitment processes, and fostering inclusivity, you’ll attract a diverse pool of talent that brings varied perspectives and experiences. Let’s collaborate to build a workplace where diversity truly drives success.

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