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Advancing goals around equity, diversity, and inclusion. Matching a leader to the optimal next step in their career journey. Ensuring that an leader's chemistry and style align with an organization’s culture and priorities. Bringing forward leaders who can shape a legacy. Placing executives who will succeed—and stay.

By focusing on critical factors like these, The Bommer' Groups professional and executive search and placement process helps ensure that our clients make the best hiring decisions. We conduct collaborative processes that clients value and trust—and that compel top talent to keep working with us over the course of their careers.

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A talent map is simple in its approach and provides bespoke real-time market intelligence. This ensures the best employment strategies are selected whilst delivering cost-effective talent acquisition.

We  can provide you with:

  • Visibility of direct-hire talent pools within peers and competitors

  • Targeting the best candidates and not the most available. This is particularly relevant for executive search

  • Live salary benchmarking data for engaged candidates

  • Employee value proposition perception information

  • Clarity and consistency when marketing your employer brand

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The key to effective candidate sourcing is building and sustaining relationships with the market’s most talented people, even when they’re not looking to change roles. Sourcing is the central component of a hiring strategy. Working with your internal team, we can take care of sourcing new hires and let them do what they do best: sell candidates on your great company.

You can use our candidate sourcing service for the following:

  • Leverage your in-house candidate sourcing team when you need to scale fast.

  • Ensure your internal recruiters always have a fresh pipeline of talent.

  • Gain access to exclusive recruiting technology.

  • Create a sourcing presence in a new industry or location.

  • Assist with seasonal hiring issues before they come up.

  • Build your in-house sourcing team from the ground up.

Winning leadership teams require innovative thinking to drive the kind of strategies and initiatives that enable market dominance. Consider, do you have the right people to make it happen? That’s where The Bommer Group comes into play.We’ve seen how many companies approach executive search/professional search heavy on promise, light on performance, that are locked into worn-out processes and thinking. We know about these types of strategies because we’ve participated in searches as candidates, clients, and (in some cases) partners with traditional executive search firms. And we knew there HAD to be a better way. Whether it's retaining us to identify your next key leader , mapping the market or providing a pipeline of high potential talent, we can be the solution. Let us e your trusted Life Sciences Recruiter. 

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